Build your next awesome healthcare product with CarePortals

Leverage CarePortals' API to unify your tech stack by connecting all your technology for friction-free care management. Now you can develop and deploy your healthcare product in weeks, not years!

Who’s building with CarePortals

Architecture & infrastructure

Digital health infrastructure that evolves with your needs

CarePortals makes it easy to build and deploy the next generation of healthcare applications by providing a secure, reliable, and interoperable foundation.


Integrate seamlessly with health record systems.


Ability to control and adapt the user experience through a combination of CarePortals' modules and our intuitive, guiding information architecture.


Flexible and upgradable to adapt to rapidly-changing business needs. Supports a wide range of third-party integrations, including account linking, data exchange and 3rd party apps.

We seek to accelerate innovation in a new era of healthcare

Future-proof your CX. Develop and grow your experience for millions of people and myriad needs. Get to market in under six months.

Modular Architecture

Develop and build additional capabilities, experiences and modules into your solutions to ensure the platform best meets the needs of users.

Accelerated time to market

CarePortals’ modular and configurable platform gets you to market in less time. We provide implementation resources and ongoing support for issue resolution and platform improvement methodology.

Secure & Compliant

Enterprise-grade security and compliance to keep your data protected and secure. CarePortals is compliant with HIPAA, PHIPA, and PIPEDA regulations. Our team  is regularly auditing the platform to make sure it complies with security, availability and confidentiality requirements.

“CarePortals platform enabled us to set up our online schedules and bookings in no time! The platform's online scheduling solution helped us scale Cover Health. We've built and developed the patient experience with the tools provided by CarePortals”

Ahmad Elkalza - CEO @ Cover Health

“We've been looking for an integrated and easy to setup online scheduling solution and we found that and more with CarePortals. On the top of that, the platform enabled our clinics to operate effectively and efficiently using the mighty Workflow Engine!”

Jauher Ahmad - CEO @ Intrepid Health Group

“We've built Jack & Jill Health from the grounds up with CarePortals! Its flexible, modular architecture enabled utilizing the platform as our one-stop shop to grow and streamline our e-commerce stores. If you think big, you should pick CarePortals!”

Ahmad Elkalza - Co-Founder & CEO @ Jack & Jill Health

“As a startup looking to bring a friendlier and easier experience for our customers, we were put in touch with the CarePortals' team. Boy, did they deliver! They had smoothed out the booking flows, ensuring parents could get a visit booked with less than 5 mins of effort.”

Waqqas Shafique - Head of Technology @ KixCare
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Workflow Engine
Workflow Engine

Endless possibilities with customized, automated Workflows.

Set up unique workflows, each with its own automation and prompts. You can now send out appointment-specific pre-procedure instructions, online forms, reminders and more.


Seamless care delivery starts with connected technology.

With out-of-the-box integrations, you can easily connect existing EMR or PMS (Oscar, InputHealth, Kroll, OnCall,...), 3rd party platforms (Stripe, Zoom, SendGrid, BigCommerce, Twilio,...), and much more.
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